Toast! to Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight

This morning it’s not hard at all to know who to Toast. I was thinking I’d “toast” Charles Ramsey, which I do.  We need more Americans like him. Neighbors, by-standers, passer-byers who step up with hesitation to help. Charles Ramsey didn’t question what this woman needed, he just tore the bottom of the door open and gave her freedom.  We should not be making fun of him for his actions, his speech, his appearance…he did what sadly alot of people don’t do. He helped. And in his interviews, he speaks a truth that we need to listen to about action. About being a good person, a neighbor.  And about race relations in this world that he gauged the severity of the situation because a ‘young, pretty white girl’ ran into his arms.  He’s brilliant, people! He’s a hero.

And so are Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus.  I want to Toast! these women! I’m in awe of their depth of resilency. Their inner strength and courage to survive.  The reports are coming out about the astrocities these women suffered for years. YEARS!  Not one attack, which many of us know and many of us fear, but…years.  Relentless soul crushing violence! They were chained. Raped. They suffered multiple miscarriages. They endured a horror story of the worse kind.  And Amanda had a baby.

I am in complete awe of these women. I think of the pains in my own life and the journey of healing I’m on and the difficulty I have at times and I wonder what lessons we all can learn from them, from this ordeal. And then I wonder how these women will ever be able to heal?

In between tears, I send prayers to them, to Amanda’s child, to the spirits of all the other children lost in that house, to their many losses…their youth that was ripped from them.  I send prayers for healing for the emotional, psychological, physcial and spiritual attacks on their being.

Join me in praying for the deepest healing for them all.


Love and peace to Amanda, Gina, Michelle and all their people.

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