Toast! to Movies We Watch Over and Over and Over...

Today’s Toast! goes out to the movies we watched that made us cheer, cry, talk about, reenact, stare open-mouthed at the screen! For me- my list includes Die Hard, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, National Lampoon’s Christmas and Thelma and Louise. (yes, the list of great movies is WAY long) but this one…Thelma and Louise- before USC SCA, I would read the shooting script of this film while watching the film. I LEARNED so much from this film. Not just about elements of screenwriting, or incredible believable character arcs, but I also learned about “loving the movie watching experience”.

I watched this with my sisters when our girls were little. We laughed, we cheered and oh, how we cried. It just dawned on me- I might have fallen in love with southwest from watching this film. hmmm….that will be a different topic for a different blog.

My goal- is to make films that can stand that same test- that will make you laugh (okay…I’m not funny but ya know…for the sake of whatever literary thing I’m attempting…I had to repeat the phrase….) but… make you laugh, make you cheer, and Oh, make you cry.

What movies do this to you?


2 thoughts on “Toast! to Movies We Watch Over and Over and Over…

  1. thewriterscafe247

    Hmmmmmmmm…I’m a bit of a movie freak and I have quite a few movies I watch over and over. I think my favorite comedy to watch over and over is The Birdcage and my favorite romance movie is Random Harvest. The Birdcage is hilarious and no matter how many times I watch it, it still has the ability to make me laugh hysterically. Random Harvest was the first romantic movie that really got to me. There were just so many emotional ups and downs and it captivated me. Fun post!!!


    1. staceyparshalljensen Post author

      Thank you for your comment! I love The Birdcage!! I write suspense thrillers-in the vein of Silence of the Lambs…which is also on that top favorites list. But I love a great comedy…I’m a child of the 80’s when John Hughes was sweeping through my world, and then in the 20’s, the romantic comedies, like the ones I listed gave me such joy. I don’t know Random Harvest, though, but it’s now on my Netflix queue.

      I think it’s not just the movie, it’s sometimes the story that surrounds it, that adds to the memory, deepens the memory. My husband and I’s first movie date was The Last King of Scotland. I know! I love telling people that because the automatic response is WHAT?? not romantic at all. But we were already friends- good friends and co-workers for almost two years. We began our relationship as a couple in a different place. Plus, both writers, theater artists at the time, socially-conscious in our work, fighters for justice..etc…so it was a good movie for us. What was even more unique is that the theater it was showing in was closed when we got there. We were told to wait 20 minutes because someone had rented the whole theater out for a private screening. So we waited…until Jerry Seinfeld came out with a couple dudes! This was in Minneapolis 2007. That was so cool! Peter and I began our Elaine dance, but Mr. Seinfeld didn’t notice. We go in and 10 minutes in, he comes back in with an employee to find his lost phone. He made him search on the ground, blocking our view!! It was in the row in front of us. And I told Peter, “dang! I wish we would have found it cuz I would have called Michael Richards to tell him a thing or two!!” lol!!

      It’s the full memory!

      Enjoy the movies today!



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