Stacey Parshall Jensen is a vibrant Mixed Blood screenwriter whose stories overflow with dramatic tension of dynamic relationships of the flawed who find their strength, heal their wounds and triumph over their obstacles. Her artistic mission is to tell the stories that often go unheard and her character-driven drama does that.

She’s Mandan and Hidatsa Native American, African-American, and wee bit German, living creatively in Los Angeles by way of Minnesota. She tells stories through multiple cultural lenses. And is a very proud mama, wife, sister, auntie and friend. A woman and children’s advocate.

She holds a MFA in Screenwriting from USC School of Cinematic Arts, a MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University and an MLS in Interdisciplinary Child Social Policy from the U of MN. She is a fierce woman and children’s advocate.

She’s co-owner of Through The Wilderness, LLC, a film production company dedicated to untold stories and “New Takes On Old Tales”.

When not writing, Stacey studies film and television, reads trashy crime novels, tends to her yard and looks forward to the day she and her husband, Peter, can make more films with their daughter, Lanee Bird, a visual artist, cinema art director, producer and photographer in Brooklyn, NY.

Stacey’s happy that she finally knows what she wants to be when she grows up. And plans to make more movies where she can blow shit up.

She can be reached at sparshalljensen@gmail.com or 612.201.0230

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