I write crime suspense thrillers that explore race, oppression family secrets and relationships. And yes, there is always a little wink and a raised eyebrow when I say that because good suspense engages, perches you on the edge of your seat and spins a tale that makes you hold your breath and just when you think you can release it…boom…the next twist. I can’t stop smiling about the stories I tell.



Coasting On E – A young woman returns home after a lie of abuse destroyed her father’s political career

Floating Girl – Two Native cops search for two girls missing from a North Dakota reservation leading them to sex slavery ring on the Great Lakes in Minnesota.


Stands Alone – A Mixed Blood cop with the help of her ancestors takes on a white supremacist who starts a race war.

Mayberry Circle Club – A cop has to solve the assault of a young girl before her brother and friends in the neighborhood seek revenge.

BLESSED (2015) 

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Festivals  and Awards

One Nation Film Festival – Best Short Drama
FilmAction on Film 13th Annual Film Festival
California Women’s Film Festival – Best Film and Best Director
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and Awards – Best Film month of May
The World’s Independent Film Urbanworld Film Festival
Tribal Film Festival
Ocala Indigenous Film Festival
Twin Cities Black Film Festival
Red Nation Film Festival
American Indian Film Festival
Urban Action Showcase International Film Festival
Female Filmmakers Fuse
Film Festival International


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Festivals and Awards

Arpa International Film Festival
LA Skins Fest
Twin Cities Black Film Festival
LA Femme Film Festival
Urbanworld Film Festival
Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival
Minneapolis Cinema & Civics
Shortcutz Short Film Series
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
GI Film Festival